Why the Rooster Crows When the Sun Comes Up

Once upon a time, there was a rooster who was very proud of his flock of hens and chicks. He would perch on the roof spine of the henhouse to crow, boasting to the world of his fine family. He would crow whenever he felt like showing off, or even if he was simply bored.

One day he was so caught up in his noisy boasting that he didn’t hear a fox jump the chicken yard fence and sneak into the henhouse. A ruckus arose from beneath him before he became aware of the danger.

The fox bolted from the henhouse with a biddy’s neck in his teeth. A great wail followed him out of the yard. The rooster gave chase, but stopped at the fence, realizing the inevitable outcome as the fox streaked into the forest.

The rooster turned back to the henhouse, where he was met with panic. Before carrying off their friend, the fox had scratched at another hen. She had escaped his clutches, but at the cost of her eyes. The hen-gregation was weeping over her blindness, but she was weeping because her comrade had been taken instead.

When the panic and chaos had subsided, the rooster asked the blinded hen what he could do to help make up for failing to protect her.

She turned her sightless gaze on him. Would he please crow to let her know when the sun came up? Otherwise all was dark and she wouldn’t know. Of course he agreed. He murmured that he would crow only for sunrise for her sake and to honor their fallen comrade.

That is why the rooster crows when the sun comes up.