The Neverending Struggle

She puts down the empty bowl of cereal and reaches for the tea, but the mug is empty. She stumbles to the fridge. Dang it, I didn’t put any caffeine drinks in to get chilled. Her monkey brain pulls her down the hallway — she feels herself pouring back into bed. Horizontal or die, monkey brain insists. College-educated brain says, you have a meeting in 20 minutes, get it together. She opens the fridge door. Praise be, there’s still a can of yerba mate. ALL the caffeine, here I come.

She chugs and sips, sips and chugs. By the end of the virtual meeting, the can is as empty as the mug. Monkey brain fights college-educated brain over horizontal status; they compromise at the recliner. An hour or so later, monkey brain says, Whee, caffeine! And the running shoes hit the ground.