Good (?) Morning (?)

I’ve been up already. I even ate breakfast, checked email…and made space on the couch to take a nap. I woke up in time for lunch and finished the episode I fell asleep to.

Now it’s time to check off the first thing on the to-do list, which is take a long walk (good for getting fresh air and raising the heart rate).

It’s warmer outside than I expected, too warm to walk in the sweat pants I slept in. I don’t remember where I put my athletic shorts, probably left them in the basket of folded laundry in the living room. I sit down on the mattress to gather strength for the return trip to retrieve them. Since I’m sitting, I brainstorm what else I can throw on to be comfortable without having to walk all the way down the hallway and back. I lean over to plug in my phone, gotta help it out since I’ve been watching a lot of videos.

Monkey brain says, Horizontal or die.

I respond, There are certain articles required for social acceptability and even reasonable comfort.

Monkey brain says, Absolutely not; die.

I can’t argue with that. Live horizontal and unencumbered or die, isn’t that what they say in New Hampshire?

And if you thought I was going to describe the scene where I get dressed, you need to reevaluate your priorities. Check yourself before your monkey brain/body wrecks yourself.