Joe Mishears the Lyrics Again

“Send me your fire,” Joe sings.

“Joe, that’s not the lyric.”

“Sure it is,” Joe insists, and belts it out again, “Send me your fire!”

“Joe, the line is, ‘Set me on fire,’ get it right.”

“I like my version better,” Joe says, a pout smudging his mouth.

“Joe, it doesn’t even make sense.”

“Sure it does,” Joe asserts.”It’s like the beginning of the Olympics when they bring the torch and throw it into the giant cauldron.”

“Joe — that’s not –”

“But you know what would be really cool?” Joe holds up a finger. “If a bird delivered the fire, like a hawk or something. Oh! I’ve got it! It’ll be a phoenix! And it will jump right into the cauldron!”

“Joe. I give up.”