Those Darn Cave Folks

“You are well aware, my dear Fang, that I am not commonly one to complain, but I must speak my mind. It is getting altogether boring to hunt the humans.”

“How do you mean, my friend?”

“Essentially one finds one’s ideal boulder from which to watch their movements and choose one’s moment. However, the humans then simply lounge around directly inside the cave entrance, and they proceed not to DO anything for hours.”

“They consume sustenance occasionally, do they not?”

“Oh yes, occasionally, but otherwise they simply loiter with those ridiculous-looking rocks in their hands. The only time one can attack them is when they wander by themselves into the trees to relieve themselves — I beg your pardon for speaking of such activities.”

“Is that not, however, when they are most vulnerable? I should think that an advantage.”

“Yes, it contributes to the ease of the attack. However, ease makes the attack horrendously dull. When they spear-hunt mammoths or some such, they are of course far more dangerous and potentially deadly. Nevertheless, the thrill of risk sends adrenaline pumping and at the conclusion gives satisfaction for a job well done and glory well earned.”

“Well, I know not what might remedy the situation. Why don’t you raise the subject at the next meeting of the Free Saber-Tooth Tigers? Perhaps a solution can be reached.”