Make a Request: It’s Summertime!

Want to see something summery?  Something wintery?  Something somethingery?  We’ve got you covered!  If there’s a story you’d like to see, poem you’d like to (I dunno, read? What do the kids do these days?), or, well, that’s about it really, let us know!  There’s comment sections on the posts and a contact box on the website menu bar, feel free to send it in!*

Also you will have noticed this delightful group of literary meat suits (their phrase, not mine, but I’m jealous) is expanding.  We apologize in advance for the short form horror that is coming down the pipeline.  That’s not a statement about his height, although he is a small fry coincidentally.  Cheers!

*We take no responsibility for the difference between what you send in and what is produced; that’s kind of our brand and we like it that way.