Short Sleep Blues

go to bed earlier
that’s obvious,
tell me something
I haven’t heard

toddler brain
says don’t go to bed,
it’s a trap,
even if sleepy

next morning we pay
for our stubbornness
when we stumble
through breakfast

and stub our toes
on peripherals
we’d have noticed
if we could keep our eyes open

and we almost nod off
at our desks and hope
to goodness our boss
didn’t notice

we want to strangle
the coworker who radiates
squirrel energy — how many
coffees have you consumed

since you got up at 5,
you morning person/weirdo?
we want to ask, but our mouths
don’t move fast enough

to get a word in edgewise
between the blue stream
of suggestions and questions
and chatter – jeez, Louise