how to adult as told by an adult who doesnt really believe in growing up but not in a peter pan kinda way more in a dont forget how to be awesome kind of way if that makes any sense

it comes down to three main points as far as i can tell

first and foremost you have to complain about your taxes no matter how much they are even if you can well afford to pay them because that why you chose to live in the area youre in anyway

second and middlemost you have to apologize for having fun even though you really want to just play a damn board game or go to summer camp and play tag in the woods like every other grown ass adult

third and second to last most you have to tell off anyone else who you think isnt sufficiently stiff and rigor mortisy because if you acknowledge that theres a way to have fun and be tall enough to reach the high shelves where the best candy lives then you might have to examine your own life choices and be sad about it