How to be Happy (Or at Least Hate Your Life Slightly Less)

  1. Snooze your alarm at least twice. You’ll feel like you’re getting away with something.
  2. You can get the milkshake, just order the small instead of the large.
  3. Eat more fish. But never ever choose the recipe that has cheese in it. Cheese and fish don’t mix. If you disagree, you’re wrong.
  4. Drink water. If you forget for hours, chug it when you do pick up your water bottle. (Also, get more than one water bottle. Heir and the spare, my dudes.)
  5. Let yourself laugh at small things.
  6. If in doubt, search the internet for puppies in baskets (thanks, friend, you know who you are).
  7. Seven is the number of completion so I had to include it, but I don’t really have advice for this one. Erm, if in doubt, eat the thing and then work out later?