Interview with the Author, Part 2

Mr. Dickens, if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Is my wife coming along?

Of course she can come with you.

Then there’s not much point in leaving England, is there?

Excuse me, Mr. Dickens?

That is to say, I enjoy the protection of an Englishman’s rights and the pleasure of an Englishman’s pastimes here in my native country, and although the allure of travel has often beckoned me, the rich nature of my source material in London and its environs will no doubt carry me to the end of my life’s work with more besides, which will of necessity be omitted, though of sufficient quality that it may have been included in some manuscript; besides which considerations, the commute from any locale further afield than Dover would render the relocation more a nuisance to be navigated than a holiday in which to delight oneself.