Potentially Petulant

stick me in a room
with no windows
and the air
is what they call close
and I’m claustrophobic
so close is not the word
I want right now

and then swab deep inside my nostrils
so my eyes are crying
and prick my finger tip
which is a sharp pain
but would be fine
except I’m already crying
and dang, you found
the second most
sensitive place
on my body, thanks
very much

and then you want me to tell
you it didn’t hurt that bad
and I’m just scared?

thanks. oh and I’m cold.
so anyway I haven’t even recovered yet
and you tell me to stick
out my tongue for a throat swab
and I gag to heck and back
and thank goodness
you got what you needed
because I couldn’t have done that again

and yes maybe I’m crying
because I’m scared
but also I don’t know that you understand
what I just went through
as a person with anxiety and claustrophobia
and visceral sensitivities
and a low pain threshold
who also isn’t feeling well