Make a Request! -September 2020

Well hello there ladies, gentlemen, and those of unspecified gender! Please bear with us while we get our collective heads out of the metaphorical (and in one specific case very literal) sand! You may notice some people doing a little catch up, some cutting their losses, and a general adherence to the “daily” part of the title for a change. While we still owe a certain book reviewer their standing request (I’m told this is already in the pipe for tomorrow!), we are taking advantage of the whole “we did a collective thing” energy to fulfill any requests you might have! Want to see something weird based on your word salad of a suggestion? Want to try and work out if we have a stock answer for your particularly bizarre idea for a poem topic or title? Let us know in the comments below! (We do indeed keep some waiting in the wings for certain topics; we’ve got whatever the opposite of a “days since last incident” counter going with a cash pool on it and everything 😉 )

Also, you might notice a new face show up sooner rather than later; I’m told that she likes to extoll the virtues of things, but our editorial department consists of handing over posting permission without asking questions so best of luck with whatever she puts up?

Happy September! (Unless you’re going back to class or something, in which case do your homework I guess.)