Embarrassing Umbrella Story

The blogger crossed her legs and sipped her latte. “So tell me, how did you get into an indie band as a lead violinist?”

“I’m glad you asked.” The violinist across from her set her artisanal mug down on the table. “As a child I dreamed of playing first violin for a philharmonic, maybe Boston, maybe Philadelphia, maybe even New York.”

“But that’s classical music?” the blogger asked. “When did you switch to indie type music?”

“I’m getting to that,” the violinist clipped her words and wrapped her hands around the mug. “I decided after I placed 4th in a concerto contest in 9th grade that I should open myself up to other options. So I started listening to pop music and trying to play melodies and harmonies to the songs. My aunt Con — Constantine — bought me sheet music to a couple singer-songwriters’ music. So when my good friend Eddy Stonehenge told me he was hosting friends in his garage to start an indie band — Valerie Frick on drums, Donovan Curtis on bass, Eddy on vocals, and they were trying to talk Les Abraham into playing lead guitar — I made a case that they needed a violin in the band.”

“What did you say to convince Eddy?” asked the blogger, scribbling furiously on her floral notepad.

“If they wanted a versatile sound, a sound that can be elegant, moving, furious, all manner of emotions and moods, then they needed a violin. There’s a reason it leads in orchestras and ensembles. The violin can bring a backwoods feel if played like a fiddle, or a concert hall aura.”

“What did Eddy say?”

The violinist smiled, trying to cover smug with sweet. “Seven years later, I think I’ve proved my value. Besides, Les Abraham had a crush on me, so I’m at least a little responsible for getting him to join the band.”

Later, the blogger pulled her laptop out and opened a new document. As a working title, she typed out: “Why Mimi Evans Rocks the Lead Violin in Indie Band Embarrassing Umbrella Story.”