What would I find,

If like a piece of cantaloupe I split your head in two,

And you let me see what was really going inside of you.

Would I love you and kiss you or hate you and say adieu?

One smile for papa as he holds her high above.

Two tears down her cheeks as things break apart.

Three more days until the cereal and milk runs out.

Four leaf clover she tucks in her pocket just in case.

Five teddy bears to keep her company at night. 

Six and a half hours until it’s time for him to go.

Seven times she tries to stab Anna wishing she was gone.

Eight yellow candles illuminating a purple cake.

Nine days since she last saw her mom, where is she?

Ten falls onto her bum until she masters ice skating. 

Eleven days since she last said a word or cracked a smile.

Twelve adults she tries to tell until one finally listens.

Thirteen minutes later he tells her what’s wrong with her.

Fourteen cat videos on YouTube to brighten her day a little.

Fifteen little barks and howl from her fluffy new best friend.

Sixteen times she lied about where she’d been the night before.

Seventeen different dresses and she still can’t decide on one.

Eighteen deep breaths until she’s ready to open the envelope. 

Nineteen pounds lost is a few pounds too many they say.

Twenty days they locked her away with all the other freaks.

Thirty minutes into the date and she’s ready for forever.

Forty minutes after two she welcomes her baby into this world.

Fifty grey hairs on her head, did they appear overnight?

Sixty seconds since her dad’s last breath.

Seventy yellow invitations sent out to celebrate forty years together.

Eighty pictures bound together causing smiles and tears.

Ninety times she begins to tie the knot, but then for them she perseveres.

One Hundred and one and she’s close to the end.