Elevator Pitch

The man in the burgundy suit stepped onto the elevator. The blonde lady in the geometric pink and yellow dress, standing in the corner on his immediate left, looked up at him in anticipation of a request to push the button for his floor. The lady behind her clutched the railing in one hand and a cane in the other. Her tote bag hung from her elbow; she didn’t raise her eyes. A young man in the far right corner had his head down, staring at his phone in his hand. The man in the near right corner was wearing paint-spattered jeans and a baseball cap that had faded from black to gray.

The man in the burgundy suit smiled at the lady in the geometric dress and then at the others in each corner. “You’ll be wondering why I’ve brought you all here today.”

The man in the baseball cap said, “You were going to give us all raises, right?”

The young man looked up from his phone and pulled his free hand out of his pocket. “Dad? Is that you?”