“Sir, your four o’clock is here.”
“Ah, the after-school special!”
“Send them in, Ms. Jones-Berger.”
The door opens and the young man enters, stepping to the side and ushering in a small person about the height of a yardstick.
“Sir, allow me to introduce the lovely Honeysuckle Titus.”
The small person steps forward, hands clasped behind her. The pale pink dress wavers in the wind from the giant ceiling fan. The face lifts toward the man behind the mahogany desk….

Ms. Jones-Berger’s voice emanates from the intercom. “Sir, excuse me –”

Mr. Deity snaps, “I told you I wasn’t to be disturbed!”

“I’m sorry, sir, but he’s insistent –”

The door opens. “I need to talk to you.” ….

The office door breezes open. Mr. Deity is snug in his chair with his back to the door and doesn’t swivel around to face the intruder. “Go away, Ms. Jones-Berger, I’m busy.”

“Sir, it’s not Ms. Jones-Berger,” a deep voice rumbles…

“The Reverend Curry,” the assistant announced, holding the door open.

“Thank you, Ms. Jones-Berger. Please have a seat, Mr. Curry.” The man behind the desk steepled his fingers. “What can I do for you today, Reverend?” …