“I do not dream.”

Sarah nodded absently, her left arm curling her cereal bowl toward her, and grabbed the spoon with her free hand to take another bite.

“I never wake up wondering what would have happened next, like you’ve described.”

Sarah glanced at her roommate. “Or with the taste of the dream, but no substance to hold on to.”

“Exactly. Except this time, I remembered….

“Dude, I’m tired of trees.”

“Random, but okay.”

“I’m serious. I can’t stand to look at them anymore.”

“Okay, okay. Couple of options. One, desert.”

“Too far away.”

“Okay, scratch one. Two, a mountain.”

“Mountains have trees, dude.”

“So we go above the treeline….

I’m sprawling on my bed, too parched to sleep. I’m tired but not sleepy. Maybe, I reason, if I get up and obtain some water, the sleepiness will finally kick in and I’ll conk out when I get back. Okay, it’s a plan. I swing my legs over the edge of the bed and plant my hands on the mattress to give myself a boost as I stand up. The moment I’m upright, a hand closes on my ankle….